Ramen House (ラーメン屋)

by Vylet Pony

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Vy: Hey man!
Syl: Yo

— Sylver Sighs —

Vy: You okay man?
Syl: Eh.. Yeah I guess.. Long day.
Vy: Really? Sorry to hear but,

— Waitress interrupts —

Cad: Sorry sorry! But um, what would you like to order?

Vy: Already..? Um, I’ll have some rice balls, scallops, and a bottle of Ramune

Cad: Ok. I’ll bring some tea as well

— Vylet tries to say something but the waitress walks away before he can —

— Vylet grumbles a little —

Syl: Whats the matter?
Vy: We didn’t get to tell her what kind of tea we wanted

— Silence —

Syl: Well.

. . . . . .

— Waitress brings everything to the table —

Vy: Ah, thank you.
Syl: Yes, it looks lovely

— Waitress walks away —

Vy: She never brought the tea
Syl: Just let be. Perhaps it’s best to ride the wind that blows, not change it
Vy: Thats very cheesy
Syl: What in life isn’t?

— Silence —

Vy: Well..


released August 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Vylet Pony San Francisco, California

eighteen year old boy making music about pastel horses

banner art by kiikinq

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