No Matter What (2016)

by Vylet Pony



We once ruled the world.
Detained by our love.

Oh Lord, why'd you go.
Leaving me here, all alone.


Hearth's Warming Eve is tonight.
But you left me to die.

Even though the sun may come up
to shine through another day.

It'll never ever be the same..

A fallacy is just another word for a life gone wrong
It's a fantasy in a world of its own

Lights may surround the end of the scene
But nopony's gonna stop us, it's our biggest dream

I told you.
No matter what


released December 24, 2016
Composed and Produced by: Vylet Pony
Guitar: Redd & Sylver
Vocals: Vylet Pony, Cadie, Ataraxia, Kyunn, Sylver



all rights reserved


Vylet Pony San Francisco, California

eighteen year old boy making music about pastel horses

banner art by alumx

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