Mystic Acoustics

by Vylet Pony

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Shy Album is a straight up musical masterpiece, whether you enjoy ponies or not.
Fave track was very difficult to pick, as each one is so unique and incredible. Favorite track: World Adrift.
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BigBidoof A beautiful album. Tons of great work by everyone part of it!I really hope to see more like this. Favorite track: Cadence for the Dying.
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NightDrawn Music that can convey a story excellently is a masterpiece, and every single song on this album does exactly that. It is a breathtaking experience that pulls you through the world Vylet has created, with every emotion and moment of the story captured perfectly through his choice of instruments and melodies. Definitely worth buying and supporting, and the type of album I hope to see many more of in the future. Favorite track: Cadence for the Dying.
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Digital download will include all listed songs, illustrations, and a digital booklet (which includes concept art and the album's story)


released June 17, 2017

Art by: Alumx


all rights reserved



Vylet Pony San Francisco, California

Hi. I make music.


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Track Name: Forewarning
Born of a demon, the patron of sorrow
Everything in blindness, the hell of tomorrow
Branded by hatred, fallen to angels
How shall she fair void of freedom ‘till dawn?

The demon finds solace in a finite condition
Bred from ideal that so bound by contrition
Weave a creation of a fallen mystic
How can a world purge curses unseen?

Peace her endeavors will bring
Blighted the world, still a solemn forewarning
Transgression punished by it’s consequence
What is the cost of deliverance?

The end of innocence
Sought by the creed of innocents
Entranced by totality, the stars all around
What will become of the world they knew?
Track Name: Wonders (ft. Chi Chi)
Fallen through an undertow
A blue bird’s song finds home

And everything I had ever dreamed
Was fairy tale of some fiend that had
Broken into all that was sacred

They took her in with all they had
Well she was loved and kept
Not much, though, she’d lost what she had
She went through everything, learned all she could

Dusk found all I gathered near
Family torn on fear by fear so
Blood was shed for a distant thought
A distant dream, something wrought
Track Name: The Watcher (ft. Silva Hound & Lavender Harmony)
Losing sight of the watcher
So her mind runs wild

I’m fumbling for reality
So what’s this gotta do with me?
Track Name: World Adrift
She stares across this world she sought
The tears bore in her eyes
Breaking through the meadow’s silence
A steel rampart cries

The castle in the distance sounds
with malice, such gentle lies
Shepherds to the fallen ages
Befell they to the skies

At faith’s end, crying still
A shattered heart, a broken will

Ever since the day she left
It’s haunted her soul

The evil that she cowered from
Desired to take control

A world adrift
Flies higher than that of ours
Track Name: Tales of Conviction
Everywhere she looked
There was terror in their eyes

She took a chance with this kindness
But all had seemed lost
Track Name: Fall of the Empire
She watches the world ablaze
And everything and hope was gone

The scent of blood fills the air

They look at the sky
With fire in their eyes

And everything has led to this
What will become of the world they knew?
Track Name: Treachery (ft. Chang31ing)
She’s scared half to death in the corner of the room
Got a feeling dreading through her body that so nearer looms
Feeling like it’s hard times pit her in the hard times
Everything is spinning and her mind has got it hard time

All she’s known is falling out
She’s still crying, time is out
Time is now, time is how, yet somehow she’s
brought up in a hopeless dream
and all she has to find is wake up

Wake up
Wake up
No time to make up
Wake up


Look around can’t you see where
Everything you’ve ever loved has gone
Life moves all till this moment
Treachery finds where all is wrong
Track Name: Cadence for the Dying
The midnight hour has dawned
She cries for help, but nopony’s there
Oh how the world could be so cruel
To be trapped under this spell

Time seems to stop
Her heartbeat grows faster
Her thoughts become fearful as they pass
You don’t know healing if you don’t know pain

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